Martin gets different degree, becomes librarian


Mia Constantin

Mr.Martin reads a book at the end of a bookshelf in the library.

Billy Martin is one of the bookworms at HHS, and not just because he is a librarian. Martin grew up in a home where reading wasn’t an option, it was a requirement. His mom was a first grade English teacher.

“I could’ve asked for any book and I would’ve gotten it; if I had asked for a toy, the argument was on,” Martin said. 

Many people that read end up having a favorite book or book series. Martin is no different.

“My favorite book series is Little House on the Prairie, because her life was so different from mine,” Martin said.

Martin didn’t always know that he wanted to be a librarian, he went to college for a different degree and realized that that wasn’t what he wanted to do.

“I got a job as a library assistant in elementary school and fell in love with it,” Martin said. “The librarian that I worked with was incredible and she told me to go back to school, so I did.”

Some people think that librarians have an easy job. That’s not always true.

“The hardest part about the job is trying to sell a book to students. I could do anything and you still might not be interested, but your friend says one thing and you’re interested, [but] that is also my favorite part of the job too,” Martin said.