Photography proves underrated hobby

A basketball hoop covered in snow taken by freshman Kaley Bond while practicing her photography.

Kaley Bond

A basketball hoop covered in snow taken by freshman Kaley Bond while practicing her photography.

Kaley Bond, Staff Reporter

There are many hobbies that people pursue: playing sports, painting, drawing, etc. Photography is greatly underappreciated and people need to realize how entertaining it is. You can capture tons of memories from clicking one single button. Using and having a phone as a camera isn’t as good as having an actual digital camera. On your phone, you have a photo gallery but on the digital camera you can physically get the pictures, and that is way more rewarding than just having them on your phone. You don’t even have to go get the pictures developed, you have it all on your SD card.

If you want to start learning how to do photography, even if you don’t want to do it as a passion, you could just take a few classes at the recreation center. They offer so many opportunities that you could take to learn something that is so beautiful. Even if you don’t like the basic significance of photography, there are so many other types of photography you could enjoy like landscape, wildlife, portraits, and many other styles. You could probably make another type of photography. You could use water and do so many cool things with water and a camera. You can also use a mirror or just a simple object like that. 

You could even take on photography as a passion and career. You could make your own company based off of taking pictures for other people. Photography is a competitive field, but if you’re passionate about it, you could be one of the most popular photographers. You’d make so much money. Even if you didn’t want to get too into photography you could just do some small jobs, like weddings or family photos. Anyone would love to have a great family photoshoot. You could do a freelance job as a photographer, when freelancing you can do another job, you can go to school to get an actual job. Cameras aren’t even that expensive, I got a camera for Christmas and it was only around $200 and it’s an amazing camera. If you want to edit your pictures you don’t have to get an expensive program for your computer, I got Photoshop Express for free.

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