‘Friends’ is the best show of all time

Kasey Thompson, Page Editor

“Friends” is my all time favorite show. I’ve watched all 10 seasons of the show, every single one of the 236 episodes. This show is a common favorite for all ages, providing a link between generations of television-watchers. In fact, when an adult asks me about the show, they are often surprised that I even know what it is. However, “Friends” is the kind of show that I believe will never die; it’s sort of timeless. 

The lessons and plot of the shows will never stop applying to everyday life. From the catchy theme song to the lovable characters, this show is memorable and unique. Each episode is relatable, even more than 15 years later. A great part about “Friends” is that you can watch any episode and it will still be funny; they don’t necessarily have to be watched in order. 

The characters each have the best catchphrases as well. They make you fall in love with the cast and help you get to know each of the characters. This is what keeps you watching through every season. 

Additionally, “Friends” causes so many emotions. From the parts where you can’t stop laughing to the end of the show, you’re happy, sad or whatever emotion the characters are feeling. Every single one of them conveys their emotions so powerfully it impacts the viewer. 

Many popular shows are very violent or serious today. “Friends” is often a favorite because of how lighthearted it is. The show does not have a serious tone and provides a good break from everyday life. Freshman Lena Fulton-Wright agrees that “Friends” is the best show and it is her personal favorite. 

“It’s one of my favorite shows because it is funny and easy to watch,” Fulton-Wright said.

“Friends” pulls you in and makes you wish there were more than just 10 seasons. Somehow, the same crazy events were never repeated in even one of the 236 episodes. In every episode, there was a different problem or new solution. Overall, this show never gets boring and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great show to watch.

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