‘Jesus is King’ shows Kanye’s religious influence

Kanye West is one of the most recognizable name in music because of his different style and production on his beats. Kanye seems to have continued a consistent theme in his music by having hits one after another in every one of his albums. Although that has yet to be seen in “Jesus is King”, I just think that Kanye will have to preach even harder to make it as successful as “College Dropout.” What I wonder is why all of a sudden switch to gospel and not stick to the normal Kanye.

Jesus is King made number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 which I was really surprised about seeing as Jesus is King is so different than anything else he’s done. Kanye has experimented with gospel in “Ultralight Beam” and various other songs, which made me think that maybe he could pull off a full gospel album.I can’t find myself listening to the album all the way through. The main problem isn’t kanye it’s the beats themselves although it’s gospel it feels so slow, the best song that came out of the album is “Follow God” because it feels like classic Kanye. What makes Kanye like older him is his samples and simple beats with his lyrical and melodic style of rapping, which is what I expected from this album and was disappointed to find out that it was on one song that was not even two minutes long.

Kanye never seemed like an outwardly religious person up until this past year or two. The question is what made Kanye religious all of a sudden, so much to where he releases a whole album based on religion. If you paid attention to rap, then you would hear eventually that “ye” was him expressing how he was feeling mentally, and it wasn’t good. Kanye’s been struggling with mental health for a few years and eventually found his saving grace in religion. Hosting his Sunday services every Sunday without fail, striving to self promote and reaching tranquility with inner self, Kanye has adapted a newly religious way of thinking. Kanye also went around Africa helping less fortunate communities with his services and bringing over 50,000 people to one service. I think that Kanye has found peace with his inner self and is trying to give more to others and draw more attention to things that most people wouldn’t think about.

Kanye is one of my favorite artists, and if he wants to make a whole gospel album he can. I still feel like he should bring back more of his older music and release some of that along with some of what he wants to do at the time. I never viewed Kanye as good person. Until recently, he never smiled and he was a quiet person with a lot of money. Going back to Jesus is King, it’s almost like a story of how he feels with religion and how he has evolved from before. Religion has given Kanye an escape, which he wants to give back to the people who are less fortunate.


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