Mac and cheese is the best meal invented by Americans

Mac and cheese is an American staple, there is no doubt about that. It is one of the few American foods that taste good and can be healthy if you wanted. It’s quite a marvel that someone is able to take soft, melty cheese, combine it with some pasta and decide to call it mac and cheese. In fact, Kraft foods sell about 7 million boxes of mac and cheese each year. In addition to that, the second most popular mac and cheese box brand, Annie’s, was able to sell their company for $810 million due to the mass popularity of their mac and cheese. Along with boxed mac and cheese, there is the easy home alternative, made by combined pasta and any cheese of your choice.

Along with popularity also comes hatred. Many people will only eat one type of mac and cheese, and claim that the others tasted horrible. I agree with this, even though Kraft mac and cheese is supposed “the most popular mac and cheese,” according to Kraft. I’d argue that it shouldn’t even be considered mac and cheese, rather a mass of yellow goop. Kraft mac and cheese tried to change their recipe in 2015, but It still doesn’t work for me. I’ve established that I don’t like Kraft mac and cheese because of its horrible mushy, bland taste, but I do however have much respect for the company because of their history. Kraft first invented their boxed mac and cheese in 1937. This was at a time full of turmoil in America because we were in the midst of our largest financial crisis: The Great Depression. This boxed mac and cheese sold for 19 cents and could serve four people at a time. Kraft was then able to sell over 8 million boxes of their easy to make mac and cheese that year, and honestly, I’m not that mad about it. They were able to provide a fulfilling meal for four people at a minimum cost, which was a cost-effective option for people struggling at the time.

For me, Annie’s taste is the opposite of Kraft. Their mac and cheese is artisanally packaged with recycled paper. The mac and cheese itself includes many different types of cheeses, all sourced from America’s cheese capital: Wisconsin. In addition to the creamy cheese, it contains different types of pasta. There’s no wonder Annie’s scores high on my list. Their mac and cheese could give homemade mac and cheese a run for their money. It’s quick and easy to make, as well as being organic and sourced from small farmers. Annie’s mac and cheese was also able to introduce my young palate to new types of cheeses. Not only is it unique, but it also tastes phenomenal and includes pasta shapes that range from bunny rabbits to normal mini shells. As opposed to Kraft, Annie’s company was founded in 1989 with a mission to make healthy food accessible and to show that a healthy food company could be successful in such a fast paced world. The first product founder Annie Whitley sold was her boxed mac and cheese, which became one of their most popular products. Annie’s mission has stayed true to this day, to use products from local farmers and to stay stagnant as an all-organic brand. 

Although Annie’s does live up to the hype that surrounds it, I would still be inclined to award my best mac and cheese award to my Dad. I don’t know how he does it, but the cheese is creamy, soft, gooey and heaven in a pot. Trust me when I say that I have spent years trying to replicate his mac and cheese with little success. His recipe is simple, organic and scrumptious. The best part of my dad’s mac and cheese, or any homemade mac and cheese, is that you can add or take away any ingredients you want, to make it just what you want to eat. What’s even better than that is that it’s made with love.

The American mac and cheese invented in 1769 has survived three centuries because of its wholesome goodness celebrated by many throughout the years. To the first boxed mac and cheese made by Kraft in 1937, to Annie’s mac and cheese founded in 1989 for a more wholesome and good boxed mac and cheese to now, mac and cheese has prevailed as the best American food. 

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