Papa Louie’s Hotdoggeria is a virtual masterpiece


Mia Constantin

Wendy, a customer at the Hot Doggeria, celebrates a successful hot dog. Characters rate each dog based on sections of the game.

You’re at the front counter once again, ready for another day of work. They’re not here yet, but you know they’re going to come and when they do, they won’t stop until closing time. You always try your best to prepare but it’s never enough, they always want more. The moment you hear the bell on the front door ring, you come to the front and pray that you’ll live to see the next day. 

He’s here. Tomato Greg is here to take what’s long overdue. You listen to him diligently, his words hold the power to give you a bad rating for the day. Once he has finally finished reading his list of demands, he paces over to the waiting line and stares silently. You go to the grill station knowing that the slightest mistake can lead to an inevitable disaster and a horrendous score for the day. You take another look at his order : a hotdog on a plain bun, diced onions, ketchup, and 3 fat slices of tomato. Simple enough right? After setting the hotdog on the grill, you go back to the front counter and to no surprise, there is now a long line of hungry customers all tapping their feet or on their phones. You take 3 more orders with combinations of sausages, hotdogs, different types of buns and a barrage of toppings. 

By the time you have finished writing down all of the orders, you retreat back to the grill room. To your utter dismay, the hotdog you have placed on the grill for Tomato Greg is starting to burn. After flipping the hotdog, you throw it onto a bun and send it off to the topping station. You quickly add a couple sausages and hotdogs to the grill and move on to prepare Tomato Greg’s hotdog. At the topping station, you need to add the toppings exactly as the customer has told you because they alone stand between you and your arcade tokens. You create his order exactly to his liking and add his requested drink and popcorn to his order and finally complete it. As you enter the waiting booth, his judgemental eyes lock onto you; the time has come. As you place his food before him, he puts his hands on his hips and searches for imperfections. After an eternity of silence and tension he finally says, “99 points” and cheers for the good deed you have done. He gives you a generous tip and heads on his way. You return to the grill and counters and repeat the process until the closer, when the final judge comes and goes. 

Papa’s Hotdoggeria portrays a small town boy or girl, trying to make a name for themselves and feed their community. You will laugh, cry, and freeze with fear when you play Papa Louie’s Hot Doggeria, a game made to show children from a young age that the grind hasn’t, won’t and will never stop. Papa Louie’s Hot Doggeria is truly a virtual masterpiece.

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