Minecraft bee update unnecessary for gameplay

With other far better options for updating, bees should not have been included in the Minecraft Update.

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With other far better options for updating, bees should not have been included in the Minecraft Update.


Minecraft is an amazing game. It’s about $30 but it’s totally worth the price. Minecraft is an exploration game, there are millions of things you could find and build. In the game, you have endless opportunities. For example, you could go out and mine for diamonds or find some emeralds, which you could trade to villagers for other supplies. You can watch all types of videos of how to build amazing houses, or you could just watch playthroughs of the game. The Youtuber, Pewdiepie, for example, does Minecraft videos that get millions of views. He does all types of things, including going out and exploring, and finding all types of different animals. All of the animals in the game have a really good significance, except for the new animal which was added. That new animal was bees. The game only added bees because they wanted to make the game more approachable. The bees don’t even have anything good to offer, all they do is make bee hives and drop honey. Minecraft should have updated their caves, something they have never done before in their ten year existence. The caves in the game are very repetitive, and they just need more character to them so they’re more unique.  

Minecraft probably did the bee update because bees are going to become endangered. However, bees are already publicized enough as is, and awareness for saving the bees does not need to be promoted in the game. In addition to bees, are so many other random animals in Minecraft, like pandas, wolves and parrots. I believe Minecraft should calm down with the animal additions and focus more on the nature side of their game, like the caves. Minecraft is such an amazing game, and it would be even better if they made the caves prettier because it would draw more people  into the game and would get more popular. Before Fortnite became a thing, it used to be the most popular game ever. Minecraft is a very fun, popular game, but its creators need to stop adding useless animals into the game and focus on other aspects for improving.

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