Latest release ‘KIRK’ showcases DaBaby’s smooth flow


I think we all know who DaBaby is after his legendary album Baby on Baby. This made him a must have on any playlist. He not only has a smooth flow, but also a good voice to match. After his new album KIRK, he’s earned his legendary status in rap as a legend, coming from seemingly nowhere. 

DaBaby has claimed his spot in recent rap with his hit single, Suge, earlier this year and his XXL cypher which is where new and upcoming rappers are given a beat to give their best to prove themselves. He has not only been stated as one of the best rappers as of recently, but releasing his sophomore album KIRK may have just proved his standing in the rap game. He has proved to be more of a staple in recent rap since 2018. Becoming more of a well known name rather than just another one hit wonder which seemed to be all he was in 2018. KIRK is DaBaby’s sophomore album which is a follow up to his freshman album “Baby on Baby,” which was legendary. Every song on Baby on Baby was a hit, with insane beats. With the song “INTRO” seen in KIRK he seems to open up more about his personal life.

          I think that KIRK is a tribute to his father just by the cover art, it’s his dad holding him as an infant. You can also tell because he has said multiple times in different songs that he lost his dad when he started blowing up and how he wanted his dad to see him successful. Which is why I think the theme of KIRK is about his friends and family and what he’s done throughout his life. What I find interesting is that he seems to have the same flow, except for a few songs which I think people are starting to get boring. Many want to see him try and go for another approach for some songs, I was expecting to hear another side of DaBaby which we did, just not as much as I wanted to.

KIRK has great features such as Chance the Rapper, Stunna4Vegas, and Migos. What stood out to me was he has another song with Lil Baby on the song “Toes”.This stands out because the two seem to have a great chemistry as seen in “Baby” by Quality Control. It looks like the two baby’s are becoming an iconic duo Because of Lil Baby’s melodic flow and DaBaby’s lyrical flow.

Personally, DaBaby is all over my playlist and KIRK made its way in the day it was released. DaBaby brought something new to modern rap which I think puts him above some of the biggest names at least for the time being. I would put DaBaby above Drake. Drake obviously is one of the biggest names and has one of the best careers ever. His lyricism is the reason he’s one of the greats, but I don’t think that Drake has as hard hitting beats, lyrics, or personality like DaBaby has. DaBaby is always out doing something and with fans, but Drake hasn’t been anywhere I can only assume at home sitting on his money, which there’s nothing wrong with that but it builds more character when you’re more active with your fans. DaBaby also is just newer and there’s more hype around him and KIRK which is also seen that KIRK is the number one album on Billboard top 200. Drake again doesn’t seem to be doing anything except releasing singles every now and then, but that’s not enough to keep up with rappers right now and the demand for more music.

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