Juniors overtake seniors 24-8 in annual powderpuff game


Ethan Swift

The juniors celebrate their win following the game, this is one of the first times in our school history that the juniors have beaten the seniors in powderpuff.

Headed into the powderpuff football game there was little known about either the junior or senior team, just that after a 42-0 loss last year to the class of 2019, the current seniors were hungry for a win. The juniors, however, had been practicing and were prepared to stop them.

Early on in the game junior coach and play caller Ryan Muncy made it clear they were going to utilize their athletes to run the ball. Sticking to the run game proved effective as junior Amira Lucas rushed for two 50+ yard touchdowns and after two failed two point attempts, the juniors took a commanding 12-0 lead. 

“[The other coaches and I] knew we had fast players and knew our line could block and create holes so we decided to take advantage of that,” Muncy said. “The girls on our team worked hard at learning the plays and they were just out there having fun.”  

The seniors, however, did not back down. Quarterback Jane Thompson developed her connection with receiver Grace Gabriele, completing three passes in a drive that ended with Abby McCollum scoring a touchdown run and two point conversion. The Thompson to Gabriele connection was the senior “bread and butter” throughout the game, finding holes in the juniors defense with five yard curls. In the juniors’s third defensive stand, defense proved too strong as the seniors struggled to move the ball at all. The defensive success was mostly due to the defensive lines pressure. Man to man calls allowed the linebackers and defensive linemen to put Thompson under consistent pressure without thinking about a zone they needed to cover. Junior defender Ashley Icsoa led the team in sacks with four total quarterback takedowns. 

“A lot of the coaches pushed me to just get on the field and do it,” Iscoa said. “I didn’t really know what I was doing until I finally got a groove for it and just went for it all the time.”

The seniors tried to adjust to her attack but Iscoa’s physicality prevented them from being able to stop her rush. 

“I think there was a couple times where they switched players on me because they wanted to [prevent me from getting] to the quarterback. [Being physical] is why I did so well, not only being tough physically, but also mentally being like ‘I’m just going to get there anyways,’” Iscoa said.

Iscoa continued her impacts as she went on to score on a jet sweep from the slot position as Lucas continued her offensive domination. Lucas ended the night with three touchdowns and over 100 rushing yards as the juniors defeated the seniors 24-8.


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