Stewart works part time making grilled cheese


Photo courtesy of Mia Stewart

Stewart works at Grilled Cheese Mania as a cashier and expedite.


Mia Stewart, a sophomore at HHS works at Grilled Cheese Mania on the weekends. Stewart started working there this summer. She usually works as a cashier, but helps with just about everything, except the grill. Stewart works about six hours on a normal weekend. Wanting a little extra money, she decided to find a job. With other obligations such as dance and school, she’s limited to only working on the weekends. For Stewart balancing school and a job has become easier. 

“As long as you prioritize school first then I don’t think it’s difficult,” Stewart said. 

She shared how she thinks working in highschool can be a great learning experience and something everyone should do at some point in their highschool career. 

“It’s actually a really good experience. I think everyone should get a job in highschool because it definitely matures you and shapes you into a better person. You get a perspective of what it’s like to have a job and you learn how to manage money…,” Stewart said. 

Her favorite part of working is making money and then having money to spend. 

“I needed money, that’s why I decided to get a job,” Steward said. 

However, having a job definitely has its downsides. 

“My least favorite part [is] having to wear the outfit,…rude customers, and cleaning because I don’t like cleaning.”

Working in highschool causes you to miss out on big events or hanging out with friends. However, Stewart said that it is 100 percent worth it. 

“I don’t feel like I’m missing out on stuff because I don’t work on Fridays so I can still go to football games…. I’d much rather work and get money than go places,” Stewart said. 

Getting your first job can be stressful at times.  

 “I wish someone would’ve told me that it’ll be more work than I [think],” Stewart said. 

Some highschoolers go into their first job having no idea what to expect. Stewart shared some words of wisdom regarding working to help prevent that. 

“Don’t let your boss take advantage of you because a lot of students work till like 2 AM and that’s unfair to them. Know where you stand and don’t think [that just] because you’re younger that you can be taken advantage of,” Stewart said. 


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