Fornadel continues tradition of Halloween throughout high school

Most teenagers stop dressing up or celebrating Halloween around middle school, but for sophomore Abby Fornadel that isn’t the case. Her birthday is Oct. 13, close enough to Halloween that it warranted many Halloween birthday parties and fostered a love for the holiday.

“I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday besides Christmas mainly because it’s right by my birthday. When I was younger I used to have Halloween [themed] birthday parties and stuff like that, so it was always a big deal,” Fornadel said.

Although Fornadel still dresses up for Halloween, she does it mostly to go trick-or-treating with her brother. Her costumes are usually the counterpart to her brother’s.

“This year I’m taking my little brother [trick-or-treating] and he’s going to be this monster guy from his favorite TV show. I haven’t exactly figured out what I’m going to be yet, but I’m going to be something with him,” Fornadel said.

Out of all of the costumes she has worn throughout the years, her favorite was one she created when she was nine called “Earth Girl.”

“When I was nine I came up with my own costume called “Earth Girl.” I had a pink cape and a big earth on it. I was like ‘I’m going to save the world,’ and I had a little wand. My mom made it,” Fornadel said.

While Halloween is still her favorite holiday, she does miss the candy she would receive from trick-or-treating when she was younger.

“I love candy, candy’s my favorite, so I miss that. My mom always buys a bunch though,” Fornadel said.

Along with trick-or-treating with her brother, Fornadel also prepares a special Halloween meal each year with innovative foods.

“Our neighbors always throw a Halloween party, so I always go to that. I always cook Halloween dinner at my house, so last year I made spaghetti but I dyed the noodles pink, so it was like a brain, and then I did mummy dogs and stuff like that,” Fornadel said.

Although her Halloween experience isn’t the same as when she was younger, Fornadel continues to celebrate Halloween every year.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop celebrating Halloween,” Fornadel said.

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