HHS Band participates in Band Day at JMU


Toby Corriston

The HHS Band performs with the Marching Royal Dukes along with other bands from around the community on the field.

The Marching Royal Dukes have hosted JMU Band Day for the past six years. High school students from around the area are invited to participate in a day of learning about the Marching Royal Dukes (MRD’s), learn a piece of music and perform during halftime. This year, HHS had about 20 students participated in the annual event on Sep. 14.  According to sophomore Layla Seefried, not only is this a fun experience, but it is also a time where students can see JMU and experience what it’s like to be in the JMU marching band.

“It really made me consider JMU as an option for [college] because it’s a really cool vibe,” Seefried said.

There were more than a thousand people on the field during Band Day playing their instruments together. 

“It felt really powerful there were so many of us it was so loud and energetic,” Seefried said. 

Not only were there a lot of people playing on the field, but there were also a lot of people in the stadium watching and listening to them.

“I thought I would be nervous playing in front of that many people, but because it was with so many other people and I was so comfortable with the [MRD’s,] it was really chill and fun.” Seefried said.

More and more people participate in JMU Band Day each year it is held. Eventually, the event will require two fields to support the growing numbers. JMU Band Day is a way that many high school band members can see what it’s like to be in college and be a part of a band.