Competition cheer team places third at home invitational

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On Saturday, Sep. 21, HHS held a competition cheer invitational. There were sixteen schools competing with two different divisions. According to junior Lizzy Healy, who is on the varsity competition cheer team, the season has been difficult because many on the team are injured. 

“We’ve had a lot of injuries [this season], so we have had to move around who is on the mat quite a bit and that makes it different, especially for me as a flyer because I have to adjust to the people that are underneath me,” Healy said. 

Freshman Lizzie Gotay is a freshman, and this was her first cheer competition. 

“I feel like it’s a really big thing for me because I’ve always wanted to do more than what I’m supposed to do. [Making the team] was a big success for me,” Gotay said. 

For junior Dora Yates, the biggest challenge of competition cheer is the jump sequence.
“The jump sequence [is one of my biggest challenges] because my jumps are alright but I know I need to work a lot harder on my flexibility, [bringing] my hips out and turning my knees to the ceiling. [I also need to work on] my double two touch to my back handspring just because I overwork my wrists all the time, so standing tumbling is hard for me but I know I’m going to just keep pushing through,” Yates said. 

During their first attempt on the mat, senior Lydia Grogg dislocated her elbow. According to junior Chloe Nichols, coming back to win third place afterward was their biggest success. 

“[Our biggest success as a team was] bouncing back from Lydia’s injury and really uniting as a team,” Nichols said. 


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