Fake nails improve beauty and confidence


Assma Ali

There are many misconceptions surrounding fake nails, but girls wear them because they make them feel beautiful and confident.

When I get my nails done I don’t think about why I get them done. The question that runs through my head instead is, are these going to look cute? There are a lot of benefits to people getting fake nails. 

While people wear fake nails for many reasons, there are a lot of misconceptions about the true reasoning behind it. While people may think girls wear fake nails because they want to show off, the reason is very different. It makes them feel beautiful and confident and also gives them satisfaction. The relaxation girls get when they feel beautiful is a happiness that can’t be expressed in words. Only girls understand this feeling of satisfaction.

Some girls get fake nails because they are trying to break the habit of biting their nails and damaging them even more. This can really help with breakage and split. This also helps you when you are not able to grow your nails. I don’t think women look at the health issues with fake nails. You can really transform your nails. You can have  bacteria and fungus inside your nails. People that do your nails are adding chemicals. Sometimes people that get fake nails like to challenge themselves and see what they can pick or what they can not pick. For me, I like it when I have fake nails because I like it when I type on my computer. Other girls get excited because you get to choose the shape, the color and how long they are. If you wear rings, they can look really cute when you look at your hands.  Sometimes it is hard to do some things with my nails because I am not really using them. I get fake nails when I get to lazy to do my own. I can just pay someone $45, because life is not perfect, but your nails can be.

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