Iced coffee makes refreshing summer drink

Many people enjoy some type of cold or hot coffee during the day. Everyone has a different preference on what type of coffee they like and where they like to get it. I think iced coffee is the best type of coffee because it’s more refreshing than hot coffee and it can be healthy for you, as it contains many essential nutrients and has many nutritional benefits. 

There are many different flavors of iced coffee such as vanilla, caramel, and mocha. You can make it the way you like it and add what you want. Additionally, iced coffee gives you energy after you drink it because of the caffeine that coffee contains.  It’s the perfect extra boost for the day. Also, the great thing is that you can buy it just about anywhere. Many coffee shops, restaurants and stores carry it, and normally iced coffee sells at a pretty low cost. If you don’t want to buy it, it’s also extremely easy to make on your own. All you need is coffee, ice, and whatever flavor that you would like to add.

There are many places to get coffee in Harrisonburg. There are several places downtown, such as Shenandoah Joe, Black Sheep, Greenberrys, and Broad Porch. Outside of downtown, there’s Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. My favorite is either Shenandoah Joe or Starbucks. I like Shenandoah Joe because they have so many different options and it’s in an accessible location. It’s also a great place to study. You can get a cup of coffee and do your homework all in the same place. Starbucks is also good option because many of them are located near shopping centers, so you can get a coffee and shop. Additionally, they have many other options, such as snacks and other types of drinks other than coffee. 

Iced coffee is the best for many reasons. It’s cheap, accessible, and refreshing. There are so many different types of iced coffee and ways to make it that it’s almost impossible not to like. Additionally, you can buy it just about anywhere. There are so many places in Harrisonburg to find it. So go out and sample the options and find your favorite.

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