Nalgene should be your next water bottle


I have always obsessively purchased water bottles even after my other ones are patiently waiting to be used. I don’t purchase new ones just to spend, but because I actually believe that after each purchase, I feel more motivated to drink water.

Approximately two weeks ago in a nutrition unit, I, at last learned how much water my body needs on a daily basis. I was shocked, even though I for sure knew I didn’t drink enough anyways. My Camelbak only held 25 oz. of water and became difficult to cleanse when it came to the straw. It bothered me when I found the gunk that built up overtime in part of the straw. That was when I went to Target and purchased my sixth new water bottle of this school year. It was a clear, 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle.

My new water bottle was only $10.49 in stores. It has been nothing but pure joy to my mind and body. Its tight mouth top prevents leakage from occurring and is easy to carry by hand due to the handle. In addition to the top, I no longer have to fear drinking through a straw since it only has an opening and no straw. For anyone, I recommend that strawless water bottles are better for one’s paranoidness.

A common trend is to put stickers on water bottles, however, it is up to you. I would recommend to soon do so if you own or are thinking of purchasing one. This water bottle has plenty of space to do so, encouraging me to accomplish this task by the end of this year.

I now remain happy that I have switched water bottle brands, and now put my trust in my newest, favorite brand, Nalgene.


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