Ketterman discovers passion on the farm

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Ketterman discovers passion on the farm


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Junior Kimberly Ketterman’s journey with farming began to unravel on her grandma’s land as a young child. Ironically, Ketterman’s allergies to animals did not hold her back, resulting in the passion she still has to this day.

“I would always hang out with the cows; I loved it,” Ketterman said. “My allergies have definitely been a set back, but I still push through it. I would never quit being on a farm because of my allergies.”

Ketterman enrolled in a class at MTC and joined Future Farmers of America. This experience has given her a closer insight into her future with animals.

“I love going over to MTC because we arrive there and then drive all the way to Broadway. We then feed the animals and take care of whatever needs to be done,” Ketterman said. “For example, I have trimmed some hooves. The other week we had to clean up the barn, move the pigs and muck out everything. It is always enjoyable [for me].”

Ketterman has been able to see herself grow through the animals, as well as seeing her character traits reveal itself.

“I’m trying to figure out why I love it so much. It has made me realize more of who I am,¨ Ketterman said. “When working with horses, I learn more about myself through the horses. I learn how to be more patient. A horse always feel the way you feel. If you’re anxious, so will they. You have to calm yourself down and be confident. I’m realizing how much it is affecting my mental health and how happy I am because of it.¨

Ketterman has noticed how unlikely it is to find students who are interested in farming compared to the county schools that surround HCPS. However, she plans on pursuing a future in this career, majoring in a genetics-based field, or as a Veterinarian Technician.

As a rising senior, she sees herself taking a gap year, and then completing her associates degree at BRCC. She plans on transferring to Virginia Tech in the future.

Ketterman’s main motivation has been the people who have told her that she has no future in this.

¨[I have learned to] do what I love. It doesn’t matter what other people think,¨ Ketterman said. ¨I am not going to let people hold me back when I know what I love and what I will accomplish in the future.¨


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