Collaborative 2019 NFL Mock Draft

On Thursday, Apr. 25, the next wave of NFL talent will be realized. Each year in the NFL Draft, over 200 college players are selected by one of the 32 NFL franchises, and rise to the professional ranks. The pre-draft process is long, arduous and full of uncertainty. With that process comes mock drafts; predictions as to what player each team will trust their first-round pick with. Here, eight HHS sports fans project the first round of the NFL draft, with each person being assigned four picks in a snake-style draft. Each person was given the ability to trade with other drafters (but not with themselves) and was given a grade on their picks at the end of the draft. 

Pick # Team Picker Drafted Player with a reason for the pick
1 Dylan Thompson Kyler Murray- QB, Oklahoma

Thompson’s Reason: “He was the #1 pick and Arizona needed a QB.”

2 Owen Stewart Nick Bosa- DE, Ohio State

Stewart’s Reason: “Best player not named Kyler Murray in the draft, gives the Niners a great DL.”

3 Seth Fernandez Quinnen Williams- DT, Alabama

Fernandez’s Reason: “The Jets go into the draft with the need of a DT and Quinnen Williams is the best in the draft.”

4 Owen Marshall Rashan Gary- DE, Michigan

Marshall’s Reason: “He’s ‘GARY’ good.”

5 Owen Stewart (from Josh) Dwayne Haskins- QB, Ohio State

Stewart’s Reason: “Traded up for a QB, filling need in future after one season of Case Keenum.”

6 Jesse Lichti Josh Allen- EDGE, Kentucky

Lichti’s Reason: “He was the best player available.”

7 William Daniel Jonah Williams- OT, Alabama

Daniel’s Reason: “[He was] the best available and a team need.”

8 Ryan Muncy Devin White- ILB, LSU

Muncy’s Reason: “LB was their #1 priority and they got one of the best available players.”

9 Ryan Muncy Jawaan Taylor- OT, Florida

Muncy’s Reason: “They needed a tackle to protect Josh Allen and the Bills got the best tackle in the draft.”

10 William Daniel D.K. Metcalf- WR, Ole Miss

Daniel’s Reason: “Needs no explanation.”

11 Ryan Muncy (from Jesse) Ed Oliver- DT, Houston

Muncy’s Reason: “DT was a needed position, best available player left.”

12 William Daniel (from Josh) Greedy Williams- CB, LSU

Daniel’s Reason: “Traded up for a team need; projected to go in the top 10, but fell to 12.”

13 Owen Marshall Will Grier- QB, West Virginia

Marshall’s Reason: “Country roooooooads, take me home, to the plaaaaaace I belong.”

14 Seth Fernandez Cody Ford- OL, Oklahoma

Fernandez’s Reason: “Atlanta’s OL was one of the less adequate last and the reconstruction of the OL starts with drafting an amazing OL out of college.”

15 Josh Lichti (from Owen S.) Brian Burns- DE, Florida State

Lichti’s Reason: “Traded down for more picks to possibly trade up to get Tua. Burns was best player available and fills out Tampa’s D-Line.”

16 Dylan Thompson Taylor Rapp- S, Washington

Thompson’s Reason: “They need new safeties.”

17 Dylan Thompson Drew Lock- QB, Missouri

Thompson’s Reason: “They need a whole new team after getting rid of Odell.”

18 Josh Lichti (from Owen S.) T.J. Hockenson- TE, Iowa

Lichti’s Reason: “Trade up to secure best offensive weapon in the draft. Hockenson can fill the Gronk role, while Jimmy Graham can fill the Aaron Hernandez role, without the murder.”

19 Seth Fernandez Christian Wilkins- DT, Clemson

Fernandez’s Reason: “If there is one place that someone could emphasize a need for the titans it would be the DT position for them and, Christian wilkins would be perfect for them.”

20 Owen Marshall Byron Murphy- CB, Washington

Marshall’s Reason: “[The Steelers] secondary is bad. They need help.”

21 Josh Lichti Clelin Ferrell- DE, Clemson

Lichti’s Reason: “Pick best player available and fill a hole on the defensive line.”

22 Jesse Lichti Marquise Brown- WR, Oklahoma

Lichti’s Reason: “The Ravens just needed a playmaker to help Lamar Jackson.”

23 Owen Stewart (from Josh Lichti and from William) Andre Dillard- OT, Washington State

Stewart’s Reason: “Traded down twice and got a steal on a lineman.”

24 Jesse Lichti (from Ryan) Montez Sweat- EDGE, Mississippi St.

Lichti’s Reason: “The Bengals need defensive production right away, and Sweat’s freakish athleticism will help them a lot.”

25 Ryan Muncy Chris Lindstrom- G, Boston College

Muncy’s Reason: “The Eagles needed a guard who could play immediately and Chris is one of the best available.”

26 William Daniel Jerry Tillery- DL, Notre Dame

Daniel’s Reason: “Very talented DL that fell very far.”

27 Jesse Lichti Daniel Jones- QB, Duke

Lichti’s Reason: “Oakland may believe in Derek Carr, but I think Jones could be a productive QB for many years.”

28 Josh Lichti Jeffery Simmons- DL, Mississippi St.

Lichti’s Reason: “Simmons is a top-10 talent with injury concerns. The Chargers can afford to take the risk to potentially pair Simmons with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram on the D-line.”

29 Owen Marshall Deionte Thompson- S, Alabama

Marshall’s Reason: “The loss of Eric Berry will hurt this secondary and Thompson could help immediately.” 

30 Seth Fernandez A.J. Brown- WR, Ole Miss

Fernandez’s Reason: “After taking a TE earlier in the draft the next position they would need to strengthen is the WR.”

31 Owen Stewart Chauncey Gardner-Johnson- S, Florida

Stewart’s Reason: “Could be a sleeper late in the round, fixes up failing secondary.”

32 Dylan Thompson Anthony Ratliff-Williams- WR, North Carolina

Thompson’s Reason: “The Pats are already stacked and Williams was the right pick. Plus, I’m a UNC fan.”


Owen Stewart trades #15 pick (Tampa Bay), a 2019 2nd round selection and a 2020 1st round selection to Josh Lichti for #5 pick (Washington)

Ryan Muncy trades #24 pick (Oakland), a 2019 2nd round selection and a 2020 2nd round selection to Jesse Lichti for #11 pick (Cincinnati)

William Daniel trades #23 pick (Houston) and a 2020 1st round selection to Josh Lichti for #12 pick (Green Bay)

Josh Lichti trades #23 pick (Green Bay, from Houston) and a 2019 2nd round selection to Owen Stewart for #18 pick (Minnesota)

Drafter Grades: (* = pick acquired via trade)

Dylan Thompson

Draft Summary: Kyler Murray (#1, ARI), Taylor Rapp (#16, CAR), Drew Lock (#17, NYG), Anthony Ratliff-Williams (#32, NE)

The pick of Murray is a no-brainer at this point; the Cardinals have made it clear that they are targeting him, and it seems like it will become reality. The selection of Rapp at 16 may be a bit of a reach, but he could still provide solid value at safety in Carolina. Lock could prove to be a steal for New York at 17. He’ll need a year to develop, which they can provide with Eli Manning, and he’ll be stepping into an offense with a great young back. Ratliff-Williams is definitely a reach, as he’s projected as a Day 3 pick, though New England loves their underappreciated receivers.


Best Move: Selecting Drew Lock at #17

Worst Move: Selecting Anthony Ratliff-Williams at #32

Owen Stewart

Draft Summary: Nick Bosa (#2, SF), Dwayne Haskins (#5*, WSH), Andre Dillard (#23*, MIN), Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (#31, LAR)

The selection at #2 comes down to Bosa vs. Quinnen Williams, and the selection of Bosa is likely the correct one due to his massive upside. Haskins at 5 is huge, as it keeps him away from a division rival, New York, who were planning on selecting the Ohio State product at 6. The bottom two selections of Dillard and Gardner-Johnson may not be glamorous, but both could pay off in the long run, especially with the haul acquired to trade down to select Dillard. One objection is the selection of Gardner-Johnson over Nasir Adderley, who has shot up draft boards in recent weeks.


Best Move: Trading up for Dwayne Haskins at #5

Worst Move: Selecting Chauncey Gardner-Johnson at #31

Seth Fernandez

Draft Summary: Quinnen Williams (#3, NYJ), Cody Ford (#14, ATL), Christian Wilkins (#19, TEN), AJ Brown (#30, GB)

Williams shot up draft boards towards the end of the season, and getting him at 3 could truly pay off. Ford has been projected as a late 1st rounder/early 2nd rounder, so taking him at number 14 is certainly a reach, but fills a hole on a weak Falcons O-Line. The selection of Wilkins at 19 is a wild card. In a class with so many great defensive linemen, people have forgotten about Wilkins, despite his incredible performance in huge games. Brown slipping to 30 made the selection a no-brainer, and bolsters a receiving corps that has struggled recently.


Best Move: Selecting AJ Brown at #30

Worst Move: Selecting Cody Ford at #14

Owen Marshall

Draft Summary: Rashan Gary (#4, OAK), Will Grier (#13, MIA), Byron Murphy (#20, PIT), Deionte Thompson (#29, KC)

This draft was a tale of two halves. Selecting Gary at fourth overall isn’t a great move, especially with other defensive players such as Clelin Ferrell, Ed Oliver and Josh Allen still on the board. Gary’s lack of production at Michigan was a big concern. Grier is one of the more pro-ready QB’s, but doesn’t have nearly the ceiling of Drew Lock or Daniel Jones, both of whom were available. However, Murphy’s fall to 20 means Pittsburgh gets a steal in hopes of stopping their recent secondary woes, and Thompson is a solid replacement for Eric Berry in the Chiefs defense.


Best Move: Selecting Byron Murphy at #20

Worst Move: Selecting Will Grier at #13

Josh Lichti

Draft Summary: Brian Burns (#15*, TB), TJ Hockenson (#18*, GB), Clelin Ferrell (#21, SEA), Jeffery Simmons (#28, LAC)

This draft was a masterpiece. With a haul of two 2020 1st round picks and a 2019 second round pick, these four picks also involved three separate trades. Burns is an intriguing prospect who is a good fit in Tampa Bay as an athletic 3-4 edge rusher. Hockenson is an underrated offensive weapon who, with slipping to 18, will provide huge value to a Packers offense that lacks playmakers. Ferrell to Seattle is a perfect match. He’s another physical and intimidating defensive lineman for their system. Simmons’ injury history is concerning, but the Chargers are a rare team that can deal with it, as they don’t have many severe needs.


Best Move: Trading down, then up to select TJ Hockenson at #18

Worst Move: Selecting Jeffery Simmons at #28

Jesse Lichti

Draft Summary: Josh Allen (#6, NYG), Marquise Brown (#22, BAL), Montez Sweat (#24*, CIN), Daniel Jones (#27, OAK)

Getting Allen at number six is a dream come true, even if the Giants dearly need a quarterback. He does have a slight bust factor, but the chance he’ll be a Pro Bowler is too high to pass up on. Brown is a bit of a question mark, and is looking more like a second rounder with each passing day, though Baltimore does have a need for a receiver and a reach like this one may actually happen. Sweat at 24 is magnificent. The edge rusher is projected as a top-10 pick, and the trade down to get him makes it even better. Jones is the wild card of the QB class, and late in the 1st seems like a good spot, especially with a team where he’ll sit for a year or two.


Best Move: Trading down, selecting Montez Sweat at #24

Worst Move: Selecting Marquise Brown at #22

William Daniel

Draft Summary: Jonah Williams (#7, JAX), DK Metcalf (#10, DEN), Greedy Williams (#12*, HOU), Jerry Tillery (#26, IND)

Williams was the SEC’s best offensive lineman for the last two seasons at Alabama, and other than concerns about his arm length, NFL scouts rave over him. He’ll be a huge building block for a team with a new QB. Metcalf is intriguing, though he does have some red flags in the form of slow agility drill times and a lack of college production. Selecting him will be a risk for Denver, though it could certainly pay off as well. Trading all the way up to 12 for Williams probably wasn’t necessary. He likely would have been available later in the round as well, and Byron Murphy is ranked ahead of him on most boards. Tillery was extremely productive at Notre Dame and is a sleeper late in the first round.


Best Move: Selecting Jonah Williams at #7

Worst Move: Trading up to select Greedy Williams at #12

Ryan Muncy

Draft Summary: Devin White (#8, DET), Jawaan Taylor (#9, BUF), Ed Oliver (#11*, OAK), Chris Lindstrom (#25, PHI)

White to Detroit has been a match for a while now, though it may not be fully warranted. They do need help on the defensive side of the ball, but probably could have traded back and still gotten White later. The selection of Taylor at 9 works perfectly for Buffalo, who have quietly built a strong offensive line over the winter after having one of the worst in 2018. Utilizing the extra picks was huge to get Oliver at 11. He wouldn’t have fallen much further. Lindstrom isn’t one of the more well known offensive line prospects in the draft, but could have some value in Philly.


Best Move: Trading up to select Ed Oliver at #11

Worst Move: Selecting Devin White at #8

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