Coffee makes versatile, enjoyable drink

Coffee makes versatile, enjoyable drink

Photo from Pexels

My mornings start off with a white Yeti mug and my favorite Gevalia ground coffee, two tablespoons, packed into an espresso machine. A few minutes of waiting for the coffee to brew while I eat my breakfast, I then add four shots of espresso into my Yeti along with cold water and three teaspoons of sugar. The perfect ratio of sweet to bitter and it’s all mine to savor.

Not to be too quirky, but I love coffee. It’s one of those things that everyone in my family loves. We make coffee in the mornings and we never buy it overpriced from a store. Four shots of espresso are my classic cup, perhaps the beans are changed, but my coffee is always the same for me.

Everyone just needs to find a type of coffee to love.

Coffee is great. It can be sweet, bitter, whatever you need. You want it milky? The right creamer is waiting for you. Blacker than the night sky? The right beans are waiting for you to stumble across them. It’s a versatile drink. Maybe you think coffee tastes bad, bitter, strong, but that’s just because you haven’t found the right coffee yet. With just a little persistence and some willingness to play around with it, you’ll find the right coffee for you within a few days.

Coffee is easier to find in a store than your favorite Earl Grey or Peppermint tea. Everywhere you go there will be, at the very least, a chain coffee shop where you can customize your coffee the way you want it more easily than you can find that specific tea you like. Order a Soy Latte, no whip or a Mocha with almond milk and one pump of caramel. You can’t order mystic mint tea unless at Black Sheep, and you can’t have a strawberry refresher anywhere but Starbucks.

Unfortunately, coffee just isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just prefer tea or nothing at all. It varies from person to person. Coffee is as essential to me as breathing and quite honestly, I’d walk to the high school (a whole hour and 45-minute walk) if I knew I’d be getting a freshly brewed cup upon arrival.


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