Samatar finds makeup inspiration online, in nature


Courtesy of Isabel Samatar

Sophomore Isabel Samatar shows off one of her full face makeup looks on her Instagram page. Samatar’s account is @clownisa, where she presents her own looks and inspired ones as well.

Ever November of 2018 sophomore Isabel Samatar has been watching Youtube videos and Instagram posts from some of her favorite makeup artists. After the multiple hours of watching eyeliner tutorials and eyeshadow blending techniques, Samatar was inspired to create her own Instagram account to feature her own makeup designs. Through this account, Samatar enjoys expressing herself through many different mediums of art, and makeup is a new way for her to show her artsy side.

“It is a fun and creative outlet and it’s a way to let people see my art, but on my face,” Samatar said.

Although Samatar gets lots of her ideas from artists on Instagram, her main inspiration comes from different areas of her everyday life.

“I get inspiration from art and cool color schemes that I see while I’m walking around outside [and] then I’ll think those would look interesting on my face. I also have a lot of makeup artists I like on Instagram who do cool innovative stuff,” Samatar said.

Today, many makeup brands and different companies are vocal about different global and political issues. Well known brands such as Marc Jacobs Beauty and E.L.F. are taking a stance against using animal tested products and are becoming cruelty free brands. Animal rights is an issue that Samatar is passionate about and acknowledges it through her makeup.

“I only use cruelty free makeup because I am really into animal rights. I use a lot of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe, Milk Makeup, Glossier, Urban Decay, etcetera,” Samatar said.  

Samatar enjoys spreading her love for makeup through her friends, but is reluctant to share it with a wider range of people.

“I want to start doing tutorial videos, but I feel like nobody would want to watch it. If people asked me to start doing it then I definitely would,” Samatar said.

Samatar believes that there are many students in high school who often refrain from wearing certain types of clothing or participating in different hobbies and clubs that are outside of the “norm”. Because of this idea, Samatar encourages those who are scared to follow their passion, as she did with starting a makeup Instagram account.

“Don’t be afraid to afraid to experiment and don’t be afraid to wear it outside. I don’t get many people bullying me for [having a makeup account], and I think a lot of people get scared that if they wear colorful makeup or do more visible things then they will get bullied or stared at,” Samatar said.