Taco Bell has best burritos


Wikimedia Commons

Although Bolyard loved authentic Mexican cuisine, her favorite burritos are from the famous fast food chain Taco Bell.


While authentic Latin American and Mexican food will forever hold the keys to my heart, there’s an aspect to Tex-Mex food that is entirely lovable as well.

Taco Bell, one of the greatest fast food and Tex-Mex combinations, serves some of the most delicious creations ever made. The menu is ever evolving, and few choices on it result in an unhappy dining experience. One thing that makes many of Taco Bell’s signature foods so great is that they provide a creamy consistency. Some sort of sauce and/or sour cream is on almost every item, melting in one’s mouth and creating an abundance of delightful lightness.

The quesarito features the signature creaminess, with lots of cheese that only adds to the sour cream and chipotle sauces softness. While it looks like a regular burrito, under closer inspection one will find that the wrap is actually a cheese quesadilla. Everything about the quesarito is heavenly. For me, going to Taco Bell and not getting one is abomination. While it has been on the menu for almost five years, the quesarito will never get old.

One of the newest items, the steak rattlesnake burrito, is crazy delicious. Never one to choose jalapenos, and with them being a main component of this item, I was hesitant to try it. After the first bite I was filled with surprise. The burrito’s nacho cheese and jalapeño sauce offset the sturdy jalapeño and steak pieces perfectly, creating an enjoyable ordeal. It has now become a permanent resident of my favorite items on the menu. The rattlesnake burrito is definitely one of the best, and worth a try.

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