Newsstreak March Madness Pool Live Results

The Newsstreak staff is partaking in a March Madness pool for the 2019 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Each person was permitted to enter up to three brackets. 

Scoring: First round game = 10 points, Second round game = 20 points, Sweet 16 game = 40 points, Elite 8 game = 80 points, Final Four game = 160 points, Finals = 320 points

Bonuses: 50 points for having 6+ correct Elite 8 Teams, having 3+ correct Final Four teams

Samantha Little (bracket #2) has officially clinched the Newsstreak March Madness Bracket Pool championship with Michigan State’s loss to Texas Tech in the Final Four. Little’s bracket currently has 960 points and could finish with 1280 if her championship pick of Virginia proves correct. The top five is rounded out by Noah Siderhurst (870 points), Holly Bill (bracket 1, 860 points), Holly Bill (bracket 2, 850 points) and Owen Marshall (850 points). The rest of the top five may be shuffled depending on the results of the championship game, but Little has cemented her place at #1. 

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