Forensics team hopes for expansion in upcoming years


Maren McGehee

Seniors Ray Walton (left), Nina Andrews (middle) and Brandon Stees (right) participate in the Forensics team led by english teacher Danae Delozier. The team this year advanced to the regional competition and hope to do the same next year, as well as expand the team.

During mid February, the Forensics team competed at regionals. Although no one moved onto the national championship, the team did well, falling short of placing high enough to move on in the competition.

This year, the team is under new supervision after Cara and Bradley Walton stepped down as the coaches. New Forensics coach Danae Delozier had been assistant coach for five years before moving to head coach status, and she is set on gaining more participants. Senior Nina Andrews is helping as well.

“Nina Andrews is in my public speaking class. She is going to be making some posters, trying to get people involved. I’m also going to be visiting classrooms as people start scheduling, and I’d really like to reach out to those involved in drama and in the theater because their skills transfer so well from one to the other,” said Delozier.

In the past, the Forensics team has been small in size. This year, there were three students who competed: Nina Andrews, Ray Walton and Brandon Stees. Andrews and Walton will be graduating next year, leaving only Stees on the team, who is returning as a super senior.  

Delozier hopes to have at least ten new members next year and is trying to raise awareness for the team. Forensics is generally overlooked, but it is actually recognized as a VHSL sport. The team members are trying to garner more participation for the club, even if they won’t be part of it next year.

Andrews joined the forensics team this year, but has already placed fifth in poetry at a regional competition. Coming from Delozier’s public speaking class, the regional competition was Andrews’ first. She, along with Delozier, wants more people to join the team.

“There’s only three of us this year, and I feel like if people put their mind to it they would actually really enjoy forensics. There’s all different [kinds of] categories that they could do. It’s not just poetry [and] it’s not just impromptu. There’s a lot of categories [that people can] do and enjoy,” Andrews said.