Legally Blonde performs for eighth-graders in first public show

“Legally Blonde” had its first showing to the public Feb. 20. Bethany Houff, the choral director, prepared singers in the musical with learning the music. The idea with “Legally Blonde” came from the movie in 2001 and Broadway musical in 2007. The decision for the play came about for multiple reasons.

“We chose Legally Blonde as our HHS musical for several reasons: Fantastic music, opportunities for many students to portray great characters,opportunities for awesome choreography and a story line that high school students can relate to,” Houff said.

The music in the musical includes the whole album of the Broadway musical such as “Serious” and “What You Want”. As the choral director, Houff’s role extends to teaching the cast songs and the technique behind them.

“I am responsible for teaching all of the music to the singers. Our music rehearsals began in December. Sometimes we would rehearse in large groups to prepare the songs that are sung by the entire cast. Sometimes we would rehearse in small groups to prepare the songs that are solos, duets or just a few character singing. The students worked very hard to memorize all of the music they had learned over the holiday break. We started staging the songs in January,” Houff said.

The cast prepared for “Legally Blonde” by singing, dancing, and acting after school through multiple, long rehearsals.

By the end of the first week of February, we had the entire show blocked. That means we had all of the staging and choreography planned and practiced,” Houff said.

You can still order tickets for their shows Wednesday through Sunday.