Hydroflask a must for everyone


Audrey Knupp

Knupp personalized her Hydroflask with a paracord handle and metal straw.

It is always a New Years resolution of many people to drink more water. Therefore, what better way to accomplish this task than to but a new water bottle? My older sister has two Hydroflasks and loves them. It was when she shared her love that I decided that I wanted one as well. I was not sure about the price (over $40), but the moral of this is that I love my Graphite Hydroflask. There were multiple steps to come to this conclusion of loving a water bottle.

The first struggle of wanting to purchase a Hydroflask was when I went onto their website to learn that there are 11 different sized bottles. I went looking for the idea of versatility, something that I would need to fit into my backpack, yet still be the worth carrying it around. It was then when I decided on the 32 ounces. From there, it was time to pick a color. There are 14 different color options ranging from Lava (red) to Pacific (light Blue). The outside color is a signature powder coat that is easy to grip and sweat-free. Another perk of ordering a Hydroflask is that every bottle has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Once you have selected a color, the next step is picking the size of the opening on the top. Hydroflask offers both standard size and wide-mouth tops. Their website stated that the wide- mouth lid is a “full-on refreshment for any adventure.” I went with the wide-mouth because it is easier to drink from. The next step is deciding which type of lid fits your everyday lifestyle. They Hydroflask website lists three options; “Flex cap,” Hydro Flip™ and a “wide mouth straw lid.” The “Flex cap” is just a large screw-on lid with a handle on top. I highly recommend a Hydro Flip™ in wide mouth size for easy access to your cold or hot beverage. The Hydro Flip™ was a lid that I did not buy initially, but made the purchase a week after receiving the bottle. If you are thinking about purchasing a Hydroflask (which I totally recommend) they are retiring Flamingo, Blueberry, Mint, Lava, Storm. If you were to purchase any of these colors from the Hydroflask website, then a 25% off coupon would be added to your total amount. The possibilities of creating your own water bottle are endless with over 183,456 unique combinations.

I purchased all of my Hydroflask paraphernalia from Dicks Sporting Goods. The items were shipped to the store for free shipping and easy pick-up. In addition to the excellent quality and uniqueness of your future bottle, there is the possibility of up to 24 hours of your favorite cold beverage.

Pictured above is the Graphite 32 ounce Hydroflask. I highly recommend purchasing the aftermarket Paracord handle from Amazon. The metal straw can also be bought on Amazon (save the turtles). I advise you to purchase this brand of straw because they are tall enough to use with a Hydroflak bottle.