Burger King Whopper makes unappetizing bite


Julienne Butler

After purchasing the famous Whopper from Burger King, Butler concluded that not only was the burger unappetizing to look at, but so was the taste.


Burger King, a widely known fast food chain throughout the United States, is named for its infamous Whopper burger. Reaching over a billion dollars in revenue each year, Burger King provides fast food for families all over the U.S., so I decided to try and rate this popular fast food.

Because the Whopper burger is one of their most popular burgers, I ordered that one to try. The Whopper cost five dollars, and that didn’t include a drink or fries. When I unwrapped my burger, I was immediately uninterested in trying it. The burger looked as if it had been sitting out just waiting to be wrapped and served. All you could see at first glance was a burger patty, two sesame seed buns and some shredded lettuce. It wasn’t what I would call an “appetizing” burger.

When I first tasted it, nothing really stood out to me. There was no “wowing” flavor in my opinion. The burger was bland to me and it gave me no reason to crave it anymore after one bite. As I tried to finish the burger, I did see a few tomatoes and mayonnaise sauce, which did add a little more flavor to the burger. Although the taste didn’t catch me, the size of the burger did. I thought it was bit bigger than the normal fast food burger.

In total honesty, there are better, more appealing burgers than Burger King’s Whopper. After this experience, I will definitely not spend five dollars on one again. This burger might appeal to those who enjoy simpler, less dynamic flavors, but I would rather spend five dollars on a burger that looks more appetizing and tastier than what I got a Burger King.

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