Forza Horizon 4 marks best racing game of 2018


Wikimedia Commons

The McLaren Senna is a prominent car in Forza Horizon 4.

Roaring past sheep in the rolling hills of Britain, all in an extremely upgraded McLaren Senna, the possibilities are endless with the brand new Horizon Life. All year round, seasons changing weekly, everyone experiencing the same weather. Horizon this year proves that multiplayer doesn’t have to be the end of the world, adding new minigames and rewarding live events every hour.

With even more choices to choose from than Horizon Three comes the new Horizon Stories. A personal favorite is being a stunt driver for an upcoming movie. Taking large jumps in a Lamborghini, drifting and destroying in a Hoonigan and making sure vintage cars don’t get trashed while doing dangerous stunts is all very appealing. World’s Fastests Rentals also shows the amazing parts of Horizon Britain. Ripping through streets while going 100 MPH into a turn in order to get the satisfying “You nailed it!” After a while, you may get stuck and want to chuck your controller, but it’s still insanely satisfying when you get all three stars on all ten missions.

While online may lag if you have horrible internet, it’s rewarding and fun to pass the time. You can choose from the racing mode, playground mode, or a mix. It’s frustrating when you’re in first and another player rams you into the wall, but it’s a great way to up your skills. From races that are circuit, point to point, and scrambles, you’ll find yourself spending hours playing. Games are fun only with great internet, because of the amount of chasing you have to do during a round of infected. Doing jumps to avoid other players around a huge crater all season round is crazy fun.

Although others may disagree about Forza producing the best racing games, they haven’t seen the amazing growth of the series that has led to an amazing fourth game. Other aspects are also great about this game, with the first DLC dropping December 13th. With time and development this game will be hard to beat.

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