Girls basketball coach Durmount Perry hopes for good season


Owen Marshall

Coach Durmount Perry claps after a bucket.

Q: What kind of strengths have you seen the girls bring to the game so far?

A: Right now they’re playing with a lot of energy and a lot of effort.

Q: What are the focuses this year that the team has been working on?

A: On defense we want to consecutively get three stops in a row seven times per game. We’re working on boxing out and getting rebounds. We want to get as many rebounds as we can. Another goal of ours is to have 18 or less turnovers.

Q: What are the bonds on the team like between players?

A: They have a great bond. They’ve been working together since this past summer, some of them even before then. They enjoy spending time together. This past Monday we all went out and had dinner, so they have a good bond.

Q: How do these bonds impact their playing skills and the energy that they bring to the court?

A: If you’ve got a strong bond, and you trust one another, and you’re knowing that the person next to you has your back, it allows them to play from each other’s strengths.

Q: You know lots of these girls personally from past years, how have you seen them grow on and off the court?

A: Off the court, the girls continue to do what I ask of them in the classroom. [They] keep up with their schooling. You see them be leaders around the school, communicating with people, helping out others. As far as on the court, you see them pushing one another, cheering each other on and that’s just something that we want them to continue to do.

Q: What teams will be tough competition this year?

A: Every team we go up against will be tough competition for us. There is not one team that we’re trying to overlook, so we’re going to prepare for each team like they’re the best team out there.

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