Walton stumbles across filming for ‘It: Chapter Two’


Photo Courtesy of Ray Walton

Senior Ray Walton stands in the exact spot of a scene from the first “It” movie.

One minute the seven young children are running from the terrifying Pennywise. Then, the word “CUT!” slices through the air, and they’re doubled over laughing. This is the filming of “It”, a popular horror movie released in 2017 featuring the return of a murderous clown that preys on the town’s young children. The crew for the movie is now filming in Canada again in preparation for the sequel, set to release Sept. 6, 2019. Stumbling across one of these not-yet-released flashback scenes was senior Ray Walton.

“For the past couple of years my parents have taken me on trips to the locations of movies and television shows that I really like,” Walton said. “My parents secretly hoped that we were going to stumble across filming for “It: Chapter Two”… we were not expecting them to be filming flashback scenes with the child actors, though, so that caught us by surprise.”

At the end of her freshman year, Walton and her family traveled to Binghamton, New York, Rod Serling’s birthplace, due to her love of the original “Twilight Zone”. Her sophomore year, they visited Pennsylvania, where “Night of the Living Dead” was filmed.

“The original ‘Twilight Zone’ was how I realized I wanted to be a writer, and then I got hooked on horror movies shortly afterwards,” Walton said. “My love for film makes me want to take what they did and try to create my own thing out of it.”

Getting a sneak peak of “It” was the only time Walton had actually stumbled across filming on a trip, though. While in Canada, her family visited multiple film sites and failed to find others.

“There was one location we were trying to look for but never quite found. We’re pretty darn sure it was another place where they were filming… but we ended up taking an hour and 20 min hike to find that location… there we were in flip flops taking a very long walk through a wooded area,” Walton said.

Not only did Walton get to see some of the child actors, but she also picked up some film fun facts.

“It’s kind of nice to be like, ‘Ooh, this is where they filmed the graveyard scene from ‘Night of the Living Dead’! This is where they filmed that chase scene!’,” Walton said. “The bridge [from ‘It’] was 90 miles away. When I found that out, I kind of busted out laughing that they theoretically ran 90 miles… It’s fun that you actually get to learn some movie trivia,” Walton said.

Having already seen bits and pieces of the filming process, Walton is excited to see how it will come together in theaters.

“When I see it in the theater, and I’m seeing it with somebody, I’m probably not going to be able to resist and say, “This is where I was, that’s the scene that I saw in person,” Walton said.