7 reasons why you should own a pet


Sid Tandel

Sid's dog Holly adorably stares him down for food.


1.Pets provide unconditional love and support.

The outside world may not care that you’re having an off day, but  a pet will give you endless amounts of love everyday, no matter what may be happening in your life.

2. They help your mental state.

It has been shown that living by yourself and having the companionship of an animal can help keep your mentality strong.

3. Adopting a pet means saving lives.

Each year, around three million animals are euthanized due to no adoptions. Everyone adopting a pet can help reduce this number to nothing.

4. Pets reduce your stress level

Numerous studies have been made to show that pets reduce stress levels. Owning a pet means never being alone and always having something to remind you to take a break and pet them.

5. Pets give you a sense of responsibility.

Most people who have a pet know how much work, love and time you have to give your pet to keep it happy. Having a pet means you have to take them for a walk, feed them, water them and shelter them giving you complete control of their life.

6. Pets understand you and can’t judge you.

A non pet owner will think it’s crazy to talk to a pet, but without any feedback or judgement, talking to a pet is a great way to get everything off your plate.

7. They’re adorable

Even if you don’t own a pet, you can’t not think a dog isn’t adorable.

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