Cinnamon rolls’ various qualities make them the best dessert

Eating a whole cinnamon roll, I started to think about how interesting the concept of such a dessert. The shape, the sweetness and the soft dough combined with the spices like cinnamon and sometimes cardamom. Cinnamon rolls came to us from northern Europe, specifically Sweden and Denmark. Originally, there was no addition of icing to those versions until the cinnamon roll came to the U.S. (Though we don’t discriminate.) Whether it has a butter glaze from Denmark or a sweet cream cheese from the U.S., whether we eat it for breakfast or grab it at a cafe in the evening with a friend, the cinnamon roll is arguably the best dessert.

10. The different flavors surrounding the cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon rolls consist of simple ingredients, but ones that make them taste so good, leaving you wanting more. The sweetness of the glaze is made from cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, warm butter and vanilla extract with a hint of salt. Then the roll itself is made with warm whole milk, yeast, butter, and let’s not forget, the cinnamon. All these ingredients make for a dessert that will not only touch your taste buds, but your soul too.

9. How the cinnamon roll creates a swirl shape.

The most fun part about having a cinnamon roll is its shape. How could someone not be tempted in biting into a swirl of deliciousness? The swirl adds to the cinnamon roll, creating layers and layers of that continuous flavor of the cinnamon and all its other glories.

8. Yes we eat it for breakfast, but let’s be honest: we could totally eat it anytime.

The cinnamon roll is a versatile food! I can crave one in the morning, the afternoon, the evening or in the middle of the night when I’m pulling an all-nighter. It can give you comfort anytime of the day, week, month- whenever! Sure, it may not be the healthiest but that’s the point of it.

7. The anticipation that builds when buying one or making a batch is better than the anticipation of waiting for your crush/partner replying.

We’ve all gone to a bakery and smelled the fresh scent of all the flavors mixing with one another as that batch of cinnamon rolls is slowly baking. The smell of it makes your mouth water, the warmth of the bakery hugs you like the ones you receive from your grandmother. As you pay the cashier, you want to confess your love for them, or rather the cinnamon roll you are about to receive. It all goes to show that the way a cinnamon roll affects you isn’t the same as how your first love affected you, it’s even better.

6. Sharing is caring, and this could easily be shared! Or not…

It’s up to you to share a cinnamon roll. Most of the time, they’re big and gooey and easy to pull apart, just a little sticky. Sometimes only half of a cinnamon roll fills you up quickly so hopefully a friend or a family member is there to share it with you; OR take the rest home, pop it in the fridge and the next day, when you’re craving it, pop it into the microwave.

5. Cinnamon rolls have variety in texture.

In the smallest ways, cinnamon rolls have this unique texture. As said before, they have those soft layers that are coated with cinnamon, as well as the warm and runny stickiness of the glaze. To add even more, you could sprinkle walnuts or pecan on top of the roll to add a crunch factor.

4. They’ve gone international.

Spreading from Europe, the cinnamon roll has taken on different forms from the wonderfully baked ones from Sweden to deep fried Chinese cinnamon rolls. The concept of it has traveled all over, meaning everybody can enjoy it one way or another.

3. They come in all sizes.

Even if you don’t want them in a big size, cinnamon rolls can come in all different sizes, especially at convenience stores. They have those packets of mini cinnamon rolls with half a dozen or more in them.

2. They’re literally rolls AND a dessert.

Listen, I’ve only ever heard of dinner rolls, but when I was introduced to the concept of having dessert rolls, it blew my mind. It’s sweet, it’s swirly and it can be eaten after a dinner too? Totally worth it.

1. Getting to the middle of the roll is the best thing ever.

Hiding being all those layers is the best part of the cinnamon roll: the middle. It’s the gooeyest, softest, flavor-filled part of the roll and there are so many ways to get to it. You could eat all the layers and save it for last, cut through the layers and divide the parts or even completely ignore the layers and go straight to the middle. It’s ultimately whatever you decide.

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