Cats are superior companion

Many people think dogs are the best pets in the whole world and see cats as horrible animals, but cats are great at keeping you entertained.

Don’t get me wrong, dogs are great because they are always happy to see you, jump on you, give you licks on the face and keep you active by having to walk them. Also, they reduce stress in humans, improve your social life, and increased heart health. The dog owners that have heart attacks have a better rate of surviving than non-dog owners. According to a Harvard study.

Many people love to stay active, especially high schoolers. In order to increase the amount of exercise people get, dogs are the main answer. You can go outside with your dog and play fetch or even a simple walk.

Cats on the other hand are great pets for lazy people, as well as people with busy schedules. They help release stress by sitting on your lap when you’re drowning in homework or having a bad day. Sometimes just having a staring contest with your cat will help with stressful situations.

People that have trouble waking up in the mornings will also benefit by having a cat. Whenever I’m slow getting up, my cat gets worried and confused, so she meows in my face. Usually they only want you for water or food. Dogs in contrast will want you all the time.

Anyone with a studying problem can find an advantage to being a cat owner. If you are a heavy procrastinator, cats will get in your way by always laying on your computer keyboard or textbook. They make you want to get your work done because they will always be there for you even when you’re doing homework at midnight. Cats have the possibility to be very frustrating, but who doesn’t want a cozy cat laying with you throughout the night?

Lastly, cats teach you to love the beautiful things in life. They may stare outside the window at a bird pecking at the ground for no apparent reason, or stare at the floor for hours. You can always zone out with your cat during procrastinating times. Sometimes when they stare at things, they can randomly jump up four feet in the air and scare you. Peoples have the tendency to think that it could  be a spider, mouse or any other creatures you can think of, but it’s, it’s actually the air. Yeah, the air scared your cat. They may come back and check it out or make sure to not go over there for at least an hour.

Make sure to pick up all the kittens and older cats instead of getting a dog that will always slobber all over your house, leaving you in a flood of dog spit. Also the dog will bark and keep you up all night long, leaving you tired for the next day of school.

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