Dogs prove loyal friends


There is nothing I love more than my dog. I know this seems like an overstatement, but I truly believe there is nothing that could make me as happy as my dog makes me. He is a constant companion, a best friend, a cuddle buddy, someone to hear all my secrets and someone I can love unconditionally.

Though there are many times I say he doesn’t like me, the only truth is that there is nothing that loves more than a dog. They are kind and compassionate and will stand by your side, no matter your flaws or mistakes. Every person deserves a dog in their lives.

Growing up, the philosophy in my family was that the dogs were treated as royalty. If someone made a mistake, it was you, not the dog. You were simply lower.

And while this is something I joke about, I truly understand why this is so not only for me but many other families. Dogs are consistent and trust you, so you trust them.

It is hard to say why I love my dog, or dogs in general, so much. It could be because when they get excited, they wag their tails excessively. Or how happy they get to go on a walk, even just for a little bit. My dog always tries to drink from faucets or sprinklers as water is flying out of them and for some reason, it is the most delightful thing.

He is everything I need in a companion, and something I know will never leave me. If you have a dog, you can understand this stability.

Dogs are creatures far superior to people, emotionally anyway. Their loveable aura and constant energy makes an instant best friend, something we all need.

Even for dogs like mine, possessing aloof and antisocial qualities, they are more loveable and friendly each day. And though he may seem to not like me, I don’t know what I would do without a dog in my life. Further than that, I don’t know how some people dislike or don’t have any dogs in their life.

Loving dogs is easier than hating them. Walking dogs is easier than hurting them. Saving dogs is easier than selling them.

You can’t deny that feeling when a dog has accepted you and you know that you are loved. I know that even when my dog doesn’t seem to count on me, I can always count on him.

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