Fall brings football, flannels for favorite season

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Fall brings football, flannels for favorite season


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Fall, my favorite season, has finally rolled back around. Friday Night Lights and flannels were some of the things that didn’t make the top ten reasons why fall is the best season, but here is the rest of my list.

10. Making applesauce

My family always has one day in the fall dedicated to making applesauce that will last the whole year. If you don’t make your own applesauce, you should try it because it’s actually really fun.

9. The World Series

Seeing the two best teams in Major League Baseball fight for their lives to be called champion is a must-see, especially if it goes all the way to Game seven. It’s also nicknamed “The Fall Classic.”

8. Thanksgiving

This is just a day committed to eating, spending time with family and watching football. What’s there not to love? Oh, and you can get a head start on those Black Friday deals now that all of the stores open the evening of Thanksgiving.

7. Apple Cider

You can’t have fall without apple cider, that’s just common sense.

6. Carving pumpkins

This classic fall tradition is a good time to showcase your artistic abilities… or not. I also think that pulling out the inside of a pumpkin is fun.

5. The weather is perfect

That chill in the air when you know you have to start breaking out the long sleeves and pants every day NEVER gets old.

4. Leaves turn pretty colors

Fall hikes are the best because when you get to the top, you can look out at all the red, orange and yellow leaves. It’s a lot better than boring green leaves.

3. Raking!!

While the thought of it isn’t very fun, once you’re out there making huge piles, you can’t help but not jump in them. It’s also a pretty good way to make some money.   

2. My Birthday

I always have to wait a super long time to turn the same age as everyone else in my grade, so Sept. 16 is when I’ll finally catch up and turn 15.


My favorite sport returns in the fall, all aspects of it. Watching it, playing it with the boys, Fantasy Football and going down to Lane Stadium for a big game on a Saturday, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

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