MOTS: What are your summer plans?


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  • “I’m going to New York. [I’m] going to see some musicals and just visit around the state like the Statue of Liberty.”

    Junior Antonella D’Elia

  • “This summer I’m going to lots of places. I plan to go to Ohio, DC and the lake. I’m gonna take summer school so I can get ahead in my education.”

    Senior Monalisa Gebretsadik

  • “I’m going to college, I’m going to Bridgewater. My summer plans are to work at BRC as just a nurse and then after that I’m just gonna go to Kings Dominion.”

    Senior Krissia Lopez-Contreras

  • “I’m going to be working at Traditions restaurant here in Harrisonburg and probably [go on] some short beach trips.”

    Junior Chloe Hatton

  • “I plan to go to New York, and just stay around here for most work [and] workout.”

    Senior Jimmy Rivera

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