Sy develops deep friendships through tennis team


Samuel Heie

Junior Michael Sy prepares to serve the ball to Rockbridge's number four player.


Senior Michael Sy moved from Germany to Harrisonburg during his junior year and has developed strong bonds through the warmth of his friends on the HHS tennis team.

“I grew up in Germany and moved here my junior year,” Sy said. “I didn’t really know anyone, but when everyone on the tennis team came together, we really became close friends and talked to each other every day.”

Junior Harris Chaudhry welcomed Sy to the team his junior year, quickly becoming close friends with Sy.

“Michael has been my best friend for two years,” Chaudhry said. “We’ve been on the tennis team together for two years now and I don’t know how my life is going to change when he leaves.”

As well as Chaudhry, Sy’s friend Junior Maxim Untilov supported him and became friends with Sy in a short time.

“Michael leaving is a sad time for the HHS tennis team,” Untilov said. “We’ve shared some good times and since he doesn’t have a car, I give him rides every day after practice. When he leaves for college, it’s definitely going to be different and hard for me to adapt but I’ll still try my best to keep in touch with him.”

Sy’s doubles partner in many games, Junior Noah Pope, met Sy without intending to meet a new friend.

“I met Michael on the team last year and everyone was kind of awkward around him because he had just moved from Germany and no one really knew him,” Pope said. “Our old coach one day had put us on a doubles team and we started to win many games together and our friendship grew. Once I got to know Michael he became a close friend of mine. I’m not sure how next year will affect our friendship, but knowing Michael has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

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