Applying early is key to senior year


To all future seniors, I have one piece of advice (well, more than one, but take this very, very important one): apply early. This is an idea that almost every senior has had cross their mind at one point or another, and most probably strive to do, though few are actually able to summon the motivation to do so. There are three types of people when it comes to applying early. One, those whose head is straight enough on their shoulders to start their application early, gradually working on it until they are able to submit with flying colors. Then, there are those who start the application at a proper time, forget (or ignore) the fact that they should probably work on it more often, then eventually scramble within the last few days before the deadline to get it in. Finally, there are those who simply give up. DO NOT put yourself in this category.


Luckily, I was one who managed to beat the deadline. This was the best decision I have ever made, as I found out about my top schools by December. It is currently March, closing in on April, and many of my peers still have no idea what their fate will be. Finding out in December not only takes a relief off of your shoulders (that is, if you get in), but also allows you to chill for what seems like the endless stretch of senior year. I couldn’t imagine still not knowing this late in the game, I honestly think I’d have a nervous breakdown at one point or another. Don’t be that kid who has a nervous breakdown.


When it comes to certain colleges, it is understandable to not apply early given that some are binding. Binding is basically a college’s way of saying, “If we accept you, you will go here and nowhere else, so you better know how much you love us.” Personally, I jumped away from any word of binding; the idea frightened me to say the least. For those who are so in love with a certain university and know they can afford it, then go for it. But if not, stay clear away. Regardless of whether your school is binding or not, make sure you find at least one or two other schools to apply to early. Even if they aren’t your dream school, just to be admitted anywhere that early in the school year is a relief. You won’t regret it.