Seaira Hughes continues soccer career on JV


Danait T Medhin

Freshman girls prepare for tryouts with team warm ups.


Eight years ago marks the time when freshman Seaira Hughes started soccer. Hughes, who is 15 now, wants to continue playing soccer on the JV team with the encouragement from her mother.

“I really enjoy being in a sport for my years in high school. When I was seven my mom told me I had to pick a sport and soccer was what I picked. I really enjoyed playing it,” Hughes said.

Hughes wishes to be on the JV team because she feels she has many important qualities needed in order for the team to aspire. Hughes has the most experience playing in left center back.

“My most contributive aspect is probably my eight years of experience and the tough love I provide to my teammates,” Hughes said. “I was a team captain on my team last year. Witnessing all of the growth on the team and being able to provide feedback to make my team better players was such a great learning experience. Doing it again would be great.”

Being on this team is very important to Hughes, as personal fitness is of the utmost priority to her.

“Being on this team will not only help me be a better person, but it will also help me stay in shape through the course of this season,” Hughes said.

Hughes will continue to play soccer with further inspiration from her mother as well as her favorite sports icon.

“In soccer, although he doesn’t play for my favorite team anymore, Neymar Junior [who currently plays forward for the Brazil national soccer team] is still a really good player that I look up to,” Hughes said. “I believe everyone should find some sort of sport or extra curricular activity that they enjoy and soccer just happens to be mine.”

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