Little Grill fosters great atmosphere for breakfast

Little Grill offers a variety of breakfast options from pancakes, french toast and omelettes.

I’m not a very sociable person; I spend my weekends at track meets and in my room doing homework. If you want any chance of hanging out with me, you need one key ingredient: food. This seems commonplace among high schoolers now, as food always brings people together. It’s hard to determine what makes a place great for breakfast with a friend or a late night grab with the group, but Little Grill Collective most definitely has it.

Located just outside the heart of Downtown, Little Grill provides a friendly scene thanks to the decorations, servers and all around environment. The line usually grows longer due to their small size as the morning passes, but it gives a nice vibe so I can’t complain. Fortunately, my friends and I were able to be seated as soon as we arrived.

Though they also provide lunch items like sandwiches and salads, they are best known for their breakfast, and rightfully so. With a variety of options ranging from pancakes to omelettes, burritos to french toasts, and sides from homefries to yogurt, everyone should be able to find something they enjoy. Coffee is brought out with an adorable mini pitcher of cream, and water in plastic models of a surly German beer cup.

The chocolate chip pancakes caught the eye of my sweet tooth as soon as I saw the menu, effectively blocking out any other possible contenders. While I normally wouldn’t want to give any up for sharing, my friends and I all tried a little bit of everything, giving me the chance to taste the french toast, blue monkey pancakes (banana and blueberry, one of their customer favorites) and greek omelette.

Overall, my experience was fantastic. I had no complaints about the food (how could I though, with chocolate for breakfast?), and the atmosphere they’ve managed to create is well worth the sacrifice of a larger location. I’m sure to go back again, and thanks to their versatile menu, it’ll be another great experience.

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