Varsity Streaks beat Rockbridge Wildcats 43-37


The Harrisonburg High School boys basketball varsity team played against Rockbridge High School on Jan. 12. The game started off in Rockbridge’s favor, with the score two to nine with four minutes and thirty seconds left in the first period, the ball passing to everyone’s hands quicker than the HHS defense could guard them. Tensions were high on the HHS team, as players struggled to play as a team. In less than thirty seconds, however, Harrisonburg climbed back to seven to nine to make it a two-point game. HHS and Rockbridge traded points for the remainder of the period, until a three -pointer put HHS up 15-14 with less than a minute left, and at 17-14 by the end of the quarter.

Once the second period started, Rockbridge jumped ahead, taking the lead at 17-20, and another quick three made it a six point game. HHS rallied back to bring it close once again at 21-23, but Rockbridge finished the period with one freethrow to make it 21-24 at the end of the half. HHS racked up seven fouls and Rockbridge five.

The second half started slowly, with points steadying at 21-24 until rapid plays on both ends quickly got the score up to 26-26. Less than two minutes later, HHS edged ahead by one, before two quick buckets gave HHS a 4 point lead at the end of the third period at 32-28.

The last period of the game started quickly as Rockbridge sought to get their old lead back. Some quick plays gave Rockbridge 6 points and the lead at 32-34. Thirty seconds, 1 free throw and a three-pointer later and Rockbridge gained a slight lead at 33-37, but turnovers and fast plays on the HHS tied the game at 37-37 with only three minutes remaining in the game. The rest of the period was controlled by Harrisonburg, who was able to make 2 unanswered buckets and solidify Harrisonburg’s win.

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