Sophomores visit Massanutten Technical Center

From architecture to dentistry to criminal justice, Massanutten Technical Center gives high schoolers and adults the chance to acquire secondary education in a career path of their choosing. On Nov. 1, our sophomores had the opportunity to visit MTC to learn about the programs and classes it has to offer.

Massanutten Technical Center opened in 1971 as a vocational technical center for high school students. 12 programs were offered and there were 261 students enrolled. Two years later, in 1973, MTC started their adult enrollment program which allows adults to continue their education and learn new career skills to further themselves as a working man or woman. Now, in 2017, MTC has 20 programs to offer and there are over 1,000 students, both adults and high schoolers, enrolled.

MTC is affiliated with Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County Public Schools to provide high school students skills and knowledge they will need in the industrial world. To give students a peek into how MTC works, sophomores at HHS took a field trip to MTC this past Wednesday.

Before the field trip, the students who planned on attending chose different careers that sparked their interest. Then, based on the careers they chose, the students attended lectures given by the career specialist at MTC for each particular occupation. Sophomore Tucker McGrath chose to visit the masonry, electricity and agriculture lectures.

“I’ve always been interested in masonry, just because it seems really interesting. [I chose] electricity because I’ve done a little bit of electricity before, and then agriculture because I grew up in the country and it’s always been close to home,” McGrath said.

After the field trip, McGrath now knows if he is interested in pursuing certain careers and taking part in the programs that MTC offers.

“[I’m] definitely [interested in] masonry and agriculture, [but] the electricity thing wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be,” McGrath said.

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