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Expensive shoes are worth the buy


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I get told almost everyday that I am stupid for buying $200 t-shirts and $900 sneakers. People also tell me that clothes are clothes and sneakers are sneakers and there is no reason I should buy these “overpriced” items. I find buying expensive clothes and sneakers a smart purchase. These clothes and sneakers are not something that I am just buying to wear, but also an investment that I am making. A lot of people don’t realize that these items have a big market and that you can make an insanely large amount of money from it.

One of the year’s most popular brands is Supreme. Supreme’s prices are sometimes on the high side, but being able to get your hands on the exclusive items that they sell is golden. For example, if you are able to buy a Supreme Box Logo Hoodie for retail, you are guaranteed to make a profit of $500 or more. Imagine if you are one of those people in New York that are able to get 5-6 hoodies. You are making over $2000 and most people that do resell also have a job. They also get more items so the $2000 is just off hoodies.

Another brand that has been killing the resale game is Adidas. I find Adidas sneakers a great purchase even though you are paying a little extra cash after they come out because in the long run, it will pay out. Last year, I bought Blue Human Races from the Pharrell and Adidas collab. At that time they were $500 for a brand new pair. Now, people are paying about $1300 for a brand new pair. Even though I’ve worn my pair about three times, I can still sell them for $900-$1100. This happens to Adidas boost sneakers a lot and that’s why they are a great purchase.

I hope people now understand why I buy expensive clothes and sneakers. You can make a lot of money off these items and receive a lot of opportunities from selling these items too.

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Expensive shoes are worth the buy