DECA travels to Roanoke for training


Audrey Knupp, Feature Editor

Sophomore and first year DECA member Gabe Eshleman went on a field trip to Roanoke on Wednesday, Oct. 25. There were 12 HHS students that hopped on a white activity bus and left at seven-thirty.

“I was in Roanoke for a DECA competition training conference. We learned a lot today, but [the most important thing I]  learned was to effectively communicate my ideas,” Eshleman said.

The HHS DECA chapter is starting to prepare for their district competition on Nov. 17 at the Valley Mall. Here, students will compete in individual events ranging from Automotive Marketing to Fashion and Sales Marketing. If the students are successful at districts, they will then move on to states in Virginia Beach to compete against other high school chapters.

“The presenters were past DECA members as well as current event judges and state directors,” Eshleman said.

All of the students from HHS chose to attend role play sessions, however there were also presentations for written events.

Students were either given the choice to perfect or understand their role plays for their future competitions. They were taught by two different presenters on how to get the best possible scores and beat their competition. At the end of the event, students were given the opportunity to test their newly learned skills with someone from another school.

“Overall I definitely have a better understanding of role plays and I felt confident in my practice with the other students at the end of the conference,” Eshleman said.