STEM takes field trip to Chesapeake Bay


This past weekend, 28 students along with two teachers traveled to the Chesapeake Bay for a marsh exploration in a town with approximately 45 permanent residents. The STEM students left on Oct. 13 and came back Oct. 15. On this island, the students stayed in two different two-story houses. The first stories of both houses were the eating areas and discussion rooms. The second story of both houses were used as the sleeping areas for the students.

On the first day of their arrival, they went out into the bay to put out crab traps (fish was used to bait the crab in) with buoys tied to the end for something to float above the water for them to grab to trap. The second day, they went back into the bay and retrieved their crab traps. Shaking the cage to get the crabs out, they sifted through what they caught and used the crabs for dinner. Also on the second day, the students were guided by the natives through the marsh. There, they played marsh hide and seek where one player was the “marsh hawk” and the other players were its prey. In this game, the “prey” had to get down and dirty in the muck of the marsh. On the last day, the students cleaned up each of the houses, ate breakfast, said their goodbyes and left.  


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