Coburn predicts the success of this year’s marching band

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Coburn predicts the success of this year’s marching band


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Q&A- Madisyn Coburn


Q: How would you describe this year’s theme?

A: “[This year’s theme is] based around time, time warps. It’s inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting The Persistence of Memory with the melting clock.”


Q: What do you like about the theme?

A: “[I really like] the second movement, it’s about time crunches with the really cool, dark sounds. Although, the third movement is going to appeal more to the audience because the ballad, that’s what appeals to me and a lot of people like that. When we add the marches and colorguard choreography it will continue to get cooler.”


Q: When do you perform?  How do you think it will be?

A: “Our first performance is Friday the 25th, that’s our opening performance after band camp. [I think] it will go pretty good, we seem to be pretty good this year as we are comprehending a lot more and our freshman class know what they are doing.”


Q: How are practices now?

A: “It seems to be going pretty good, though we are not that far. The competitions start in September.”


Q: Who’s the section leader?

A: “I’m the Piccolo section leader. [I like it a lot] because I feel like I can make a difference, have a helping hand in making the band better. I love band, they are really great, they call me mom.”


Q: Why is it important to be a section leader”

A: “Being a section leader, I make sure that they can march, know how to march. [I help] them learn their music, I keep them in check, make them do push-ups when they don’t ‘obey’, pay attention so they don’t disrespect their band leader. I feel like I’m a little bossy, but it’s needed sometimes.”


Q: How do you coordinate with color guard?

A: “We can’t really work with color guard until we’re on the field. For now, we just rehearse with them and watch how they do the show and then we do it together in the show.”


Q: How do you think band will impact their lives?

A: “I think marching band teaches people a lot of discipline and teaches to know how to work with each other. This is something that will carry on with their lives. I definitely think the friendships last forever too.”  

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