Maddy Scott’s first varsity season

Hannah Miller, Editor-in-Chief

This spring season, the girls varsity soccer team is ready for a fresh start. Only one player on the team has more than one year varsity experience, but the new coach, Brent Loope, has brought a new system that the girls are embracing with open arms. Maddy Scott is one of the freshman on the young team, and she’s enjoyed her experience over the first few weeks.

“I am looking forward to making friends with the varsity [girls] and growing with [them],” Scott said.

Scott’s experience with soccer stretches back before high school, which has allowed her love for the sport to grow over the years.

“I played rec for one year, I played travel for two years and I played JV in eighth grade, so [I’ve been playing soccer for] four years total,” Scott said. “It’s such an interesting game, and it’s one of the only [sports] I enjoy watching. It’s mostly fun for me.”

The girls team hasn’t had any games yet, but scrimmages have given Scott the chance to experience varsity-level play first hand.

“The hardest part is being smaller than a lot of other team members and other teams. It’s [difficult] being a defender sometimes, but I enjoy it so much,” Scott said.

Scott was nervous in her first week during try outs, but now that she’s gotten to practice and play with the team, Scott has filled her role as a defender on the team and picked up on a lot.

“I was so nervous. I was afraid the girls wouldn’t like me because I’m only a freshman, and all of the varsity girls are amazing. I am learning so much from them all,” Scott said.

As the season progresses and Scott continues to grow, the challenge of varsity soccer will help her become and even better player.

“JV always looked up to varsity, and now I get to play with them,” Scott said. “JV was very fun for me, but varsity is a better step up and challenge for me.”

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