Counselors prepare for scheduling next year

Jake Urbanski, Sports Page Editor

As the second semester begins, students and faculty begin to look forward to the next school year. Counselors like Korey Lamb are going around and working on getting student schedules put together for next year.

“We are currently in the process of scheduling students for classes for next year. At this point, we are not actually building schedules, we’re just taking requests for classes,” Lamb said.

Students get to pick classes that they are interested in and go over it with their counselors. Counselors provide input and help keep students on track to graduate.

“[Counselors] are meeting with students to go over what their options are using teacher recommendations, things we know about the students, their grades, their SOL scores. Things like that to come up with courses that make sense for their goals and moving toward graduation,” Lamb said.

Along with high schoolers, counselors also visit students from Skyline and Thomas Harrison middle schools. These rising freshman get a chance to talk with their future high school counselors and begin to schedule classes.

“We’ll head to the middle school and get eighth graders that are coming up that will be ninth graders next year,” Lamb said. “It’s cool for me because it gives me an opportunity to connect with kids before they come up and a lot of times they will remember me from that one conversation. It’s cool because I get sit down one on one with them and there’s not a ton of time during the year usually to sit down one on one with all of my students. So, it’s cool during scheduling time when I get to do that.”