Put judgements aside and happiness will follow


Hannah Miller

Listen to moral compasses and embrace equality.

Hannah Miller, Copy Editor

Ever since we were younger, we’ve been told that it’s what the inside that counts. Yet if you look around, you’ll notice that what makes us different from each other is what’s on the outside. Our skin color, our size, our clothes. If what makes us different is the stuff we’ve been told doesn’t matter, why do some people continue to make it out to be the most important?

Imagine judgement as a pair of glasses. Now, consider taking off those glasses and seeing the world as a beautiful place. Ignore the issues around us and try and focus on the miracle that we’ve developed multiple populations from around the world into one community: the human race.

Looking around our school, we can look at the outside differences and appreciate fellow students with various cultures, languages, traditions and other lifestyle qualities. What we need to keep in mind though, is that throughout the different cultures, within the assorted languages and behind the unique traditions lies a human being just like the rest of us.

We all have blood flowing through our veins. We all have a heart, beating every minute of the day. We all (hopefully) have some humanity, and a moral compass that tells us we’re all the same, and we all deserve a happy, judgement free life.

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