Streaks win close game with Spotswood

Jake Urbanski, Sports Page Editor

The football team came out of the away game at Spotswood with a 21-18 victory. In a game with no field goals, Spotswood’s failure to convert any points after touchdowns lost them the game

After a dropped punt by the Streaks, Spotswood’s Chris Zangus recovered the ball. Later that drive, the Blazers scored a touchdown with 6:20 left in the first, bringing them to a 6-0 lead. They then went for the extra point, which was blocked by Harrisonburg’s Ethan Harris.

Harrisonburg responded with a 70 yard touchdown drive of their own. Quarterback AC White ran the ball to set up the Streaks in the redzone. On 4th and 2, Marcus Robinson-Jenkins ran the ball across the goal line for the touchdown. The extra point by Roberto Gonzalez was good, making the score 7-6, with 9:58 left in the first half.

The Streaks defense ended a Spotswood drive by Stedman Clark, brought up fourth down and led to a Spotswood punt. Harrisonburg got the ball back with 2:36 remaining in the half. White had another run, to set the Streaks up for the touchdown. From the Blazer’s 42 yard line White threw the ball to receiver Keeshawn Perry for the touchdown. After kicking the extra point, the Streaks increased their lead to 14-6 with 1:02 remaining in the half.

As Spotswood came up the field at the end of the half, the quarterback threw an interception to Robinson-Jenkins, until it was called back by officials for pass-interference. Shortly after, David Gamboa came up with another interception with 7.4 seconds remaining in the half.

With 4:39 left in the third, the Streaks recover the fumbled football on their own 14 yard line to end the Blazer’s drive in red zone. After coming up to the Streaks’ 48 yard line, White throws a short pass to Perry, which he ran into the endzone. Streaks lead 21-6 with 1:54 left in the third quarter.

With 11:46 left in the fourth quarter, the Streaks’ punter drops the snap and is recovered by Spotswood’s Trey Tomasi on the Harrisonburg 1 yard line. Off of a quarterback sneak, Spotswood scores a touchdown. The Blazer’s went for the two point conversion, but the pass was incomplete. The score is now 21-12 Harrisonburg.

After a punt by Harrisonburg’s Roberto Gonzalez that placed Spotswood on their own 1 yard line, the Blazers came all the back down the field for a 99 yard touchdown drive. After the touchdown run by Spotswood’s Brady Dodson, the score was now 21-18. Spotswood went for the two point conversion which was an incomplete pass, but there was a penalty on Harrisonburg. They go for it again, and similarly fail to convert.

With 1:43 left in the game, Harrisonburg fumbles the football, and Morris of Spotswood recovers on his own 49 yard line. While in Harrisonburg’s territory, Spotswood threw multiple long passes but came up short. On fourth down, they went for the win and threw the ball, which was incomplete.

Harrisonburg finished the game with kneel, improving their record to 3-3.