JMU to demolish CAA competition

Owen Marshall, Editor-in-Chief

James Madison University football is going to demolish any competition in the CAA. The Dukes have a 3-1 record as of Sept. 24 with their only loss being to the North Carolina Tar Heels, which was expected. The Dukes have outscored their opponents 195-104 in the first four games of the season because of the powerhouse offense led by senior running back Khalid Abdullah and junior Cardon Johnson. The defense has been pretty outstanding, not allowing over 21 points except against the Tar Heels. The only real challenges in the schedule are going to be Villanova, Richmond and William and Mary because of their high scoring offenses. If the Dukes maintain the momentum that they’ve had so far, those games should still end up resulting in wins.

As the team continues to grow, they can develop junior quarterback, Bryan Schor, and tune up the rest of the team. By the time the playoffs come around, the Dukes will be one of the top teams in the CAA and teams are going to fear facing them. The Dukes are going to plow through the other CAA competition that is left on their schedule.They’ve made it quite clear that the teams they have faced so far are not even competition for them.

The Dukes have been helped out with the new coaching of Mike Houston and his staff. Houston has turned the team around since they burned out at the end of last season. Houston has adapted to his new environment has helped the Dukes by sticking with the run game. Houston has yet to let Schor loose because he is still pretty inexperienced as a QB, but I believe by next year the Dukes will have a ground and passing threat in their offense.

Overall the Dukes have a really strong program now, and it’s only getting better. This year is a big year for James Madison, and I believe that they will take advantage of the playoffs and win the CAA. If the Dukes keep the momentum that they have going a CAA championship is in their near future.

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